Farm Equipment & Personal Property Auction

45572 205th St, Arlington, SD
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    We will offer at public auction the following equipment and personal property located at 45572 205th St., Arlington, SD or from Arlington, SD, 3 miles north on Hwy. 81 and 1 ¾ miles east on 205th St. on

    Auctioneer Notes

      On-Line Items to be sold starting at 10:00am


      JD 8450 Tractor, 3 Hydraulics, 9,656hrs, Quad Range, SN RW8450H002252
      JD 4640 Tractor, 2 Hydraulics, 3pt, 1,000 PTO, 8 Speed Power Shift, 8,940hrs, SN 013074R
      JD 4630 Tractor, 3 Hydraulics, 3pt, PTO, 9,742 Hrs, Quad Range
      JD 4430 tractor 3 Hydraulics, 3pt, 540 PTO, 8,066hrs, Quad Range, SN 4430H043568R
      JD 7520 Tractor, 2 Hydraulics, 3pt, PTO, Syncro Hi-Lo 8,262 hrs
      JD 5020 Tractor (stretched w/Cummins diesel motor)
      JD 4020 Tractor, 2 Hydraulics, 3pt, 540 PTO, SN 402021T88878
      JD 830 Diesel Tractor, SN8304027
      JD 730 Diesel Tractor, 3pt, PTO,(cracked water pump) SN 7307655
      JD 720 Diesel Tractor, SN 7201802
      JD 620 Tractor, PTO
      JD 620 Tractor
      JD 520 Tractor, SN 5207570
      JD 80 Tractor, SN 80011394
      JD 60 Tractor w/Farmhand Loader (rough cond.) SN 6008964
      JD Model B Tractor, SN B71985
      JD Model A Tractor, PTO, SN 653610
      JD Model D Tractor
      Farmall 400 Propane Tractor w/Dual Loader
      Farmall M Tractor w/Loader
      Add-on Front Fuel Tank for JD Tractor (small frame)
      3 Fenders for JD 20 Series Tractor

      1971 GMC 5500 Single Axle Grain Truck
      1965 Ford Cab-over Single Axle Grain Truck, Doesn’t Run
      Intl. Loadstar 1600 Tandem Axle Grain Truck w/Dump Box, Gas, Doesn’t Run

      (2) JD 9500 Combines, SN H09500X640221, SN H09500X640488
      JD 7700 Turbo Combine, 4,624hrs, SN 264915H
      JD 7700 Combine, 5,205hrs, SN 112701H
      2 JD 643 6-Row Corn Heads
      JD 444 4-Row Corn Head, 36”
      JD 925 Flex Head
      JD 220 Flex Head 20’
      JD 454 4-Row Soybean & Sunflower Head
      JD Pickup Head
      2000 Case IH SPX 4260 Sprayer, 90' Booms, AIM Command, 1,200 Gal. Stainless Tank, 6 Section Boom Shutoffs, 20" Spacing, 8.3 Liter Cummins, 5,622 Hrs., 460 Raven Controller, Outback Autosteer & Guidance
      Bradford 528 Grain Cart
      John Deere 7000 Corn Planter 8-Row mounted
      John Deere 7000 Corn Planter 12-Row
      Balzer Stalk Chopper Model 2400, Newer Gear Box, Newer Hammers, Small PTO
      Intl. 40 Shredder Stalk Chopper
      Vermeer 505 Super I Round Baler
      2008 JD 2410 28' Chisel Plow, Floating Hitch, Single Point Depth Control, TruDepth Shanks, 12" Spacing, 3" Twist Shovels, Summer 3 Bar Harrow
      Oliver 448 8-Bottom Plow
      Melroe 5-Bottom Plow
      JD 6-Bottom 2500 Plow
      JD 5-Bottom Plow
      JD F145 5 Bottom Plow
      JD 4-Bottom Plow
      JD 3-Bottom Plow
      JD 2-Bottom Plow
      Massy-Harris 3-Bottom Plow
      Intl. 16’ Chisel Plow
      JD 13’ Chisel Plow
      JD 20’ Disc
      JD 18’ Disc
      White 445 Disc Chisel
      JD 22’ Disc w/Harrow
      Massey Ferguson 620 Disc
      JD Press Drill, 14’, Needs Boots
      JD Rotary Hoe, 14’, 3 Pt.
      Track Whacker, 8’, 3 Pt.
      4-Row Koehn Cultivator, 3 Pt.
      Case IH 25’ Field Cultivator
      Noble 8-Row Cultivator
      Intl. 30’ Field Cultivator
      Glencoe 1250 Field Cultivator
      Intl. 183 8’ Cultivator
      8’ Field Cultivator
      JD 24’ Field Cultivator
      Harrow, 24’ Pull Behind
      2-Pt. Intl. Sickle Mower
      JD 506 Rotary Mower
      JD Bale Fork, 3 Pt.
      New Idea PTO Rake, 2 Pt.
      3 Flare Side Wagons (2 w/hydraulic lift)
      2 Bale Feeders, Large
      410 Knight Manure Spreader, Tandem Axle
      Mayrath 35’ Hydraulic Grain Auger
      Scraper Blade, 8’ 3-pt
      No Till Planter Parts
      Creep Feeder
      Running Gear
      Misc. Guards
      2 Axles w/Tires
      Water Tank
      Buzz Saw
      Arc Welder
      Older Hoist
      24T Baler
      Sets of Duals
      Stock Rack
      Sickle Blades
      JH Guards
      Fuel Barrels
      Cream Cans
      License Plates
      Bolt Bin
      JD Books & Catalogs
      Tractor Tire Rims


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